By Mariagrazia Di Giuseppe & John Christopher Perry
    What is DMRS-Q sort?

    The Defense Mechanisms Rating Scale Q-sort version (DMRS-Q) has been developed with the aim of providing clinicians with an easy-to-use measure for identifying defense mechanisms in clinical practice. The DMRS-Q is inspired by the original Defense Mechanisms Rating Scale, which is the closest method to a criterion for identifying defenses. It has been translated and validated in several languages. The DMRS-Q does not require transcriptions nor specific intensive training for raters, but just sufficient information about the subject under evaluation and a basic knowledge of the theory of defense mechanisms. The DMRS-Q rater may deal with missing information by using inference consistent with the information that is avaialable.

    The DMRS-Q rating is guided by a WebApp and it takes an average time of 30 minutes to be completed. The software provides a qualitative description of the patient’s defensive profile and quantitative scores of 30 individual defenses, 7 defense levels, and Overall Defensive Functioning. All instructions of the DMRS-Q rating process are explained in the DMRS-Q tutorial.

    To use the DMRS-Q free WebApp, you must register here. We will send you an e-mail with information about your username and password for accessing to the DMRS-Q WebApp. If a rating is not complete you might save your progress and get back to the rating later. Please note that the software does not process incomplete ratings. When your rating is complete, you send it to the Authors by clicking the "Save and Send" button. We will process your rating with the DMRS-Q software and send you the output as soon as possible.

    Thank you for choosing the DMRS-Q. Your feedback is important for improving the instrument.

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